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Hidden Founders first application round closed

By Yassine El Kachchani • January 20, 2015

We have officially kicked off Hidden Founders’ first batch!

Closing this first round took us longer than expected, because each time we’d think of stopping the late applications, we’d receive yet another exciting project that would make us want to wait just a little longer for things to “slow down”. Except they are not really going to slow down, because there are amazing startup projects out there, and the longer we wait, the more chances there will be that they hear about Hidden Founders and apply, and that would not make the selection any easier for us. So we just clamped our teeth, shut down the process until the next batch, and sweated a little on that final list of startups.

We are now ready to let the crazy take over and start working on Batch 1.  In the meantime, we wanted to share the blinking map with you guys. The dots are for all the cities we received applications from these last 3 months. A lot of this very global spread is from Product Hunt, but it was still useful to see that we hit on a real need in so many different places in the world.

map-HF-Animated_GIF (1)


PS: I will be on a US tour in the coming weeks following this schedule:

NYC: February 11th -> 13th
Vegas: February 15th -> 18th
SF: February 20th -> 28th

Hit me at [email protected] to set up a meeting if you think we should talk- I would love to chat.

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