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Les Visiteurs: We Speak the Startup Language

By Yassine El Kachchani • June 9, 2014
European Tour Departure: Dusseldorf. Yassine (VP Product) left, Nabil (VP Business Dev.) right.

hiddenfounders.com: the European Tour

We are moving forward with our Hidden Founders offerings; And being a startup that works for startups, inception style, we needed to follow the customer development cycle and initiate our customer discovery process. So we decided to start a european tour.

We will be staying a week per month in a european destination that has a startup scene. The purpose is to meet with as many founders/incubators/investors/tech journalists as possible. We will be working from co-working spaces and attending each and every tech event out there (you can send us an email at [email protected] if you have an event in mind).

Our first trip plan is as follows (Departure from Dusseldorf, Germany):

Monday 09/06/14 -> Saturday 14/06/14 : Berlin, Germany

Saturday 14/06/14 -> Friday 20/06/14 : Stockholm, Sweden

We will be sharing in this blog anything we think can be useful for founders. Lessons learned from founders we are meeting will be our focus though, so if you are interested, please subscribe and get our latest posts.

We already met with lot of interesting people from Dusseldorf and had a blast exchanging ideas with them, please let us know if you are near our path trip; we would love to see you!

Now go MAKE something. Peace.

Yassine VP Product at hiddenfounders.com

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