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Les Visiteurs: We Speak the Startup Language

By Yassine El Kachchani • June 9, 2014
European Tour Departure: Dusseldorf. Yassine (VP Product) left, Nabil (VP Business Dev.) right.

hiddenfounders.com: the European Tour

We are moving forward with our Hidden Founders offerings; And being a startup that works for startups, inception style, we needed to follow the customer development cycle and initiate our customer discovery process. So we decided to start a european tour.

We will be staying a week per month in a european destination that has a startup scene. The purpose is to meet with as many founders/incubators/investors/tech journalists as possible. We will be working from co-working spaces and attending each and every tech event out there (you can send us an email at [email protected] if you have an event in mind).

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(perceived) Cheesy Industry, Non-Cheesy People

By Yassine El Kachchani • June 5, 2014

Who we are and why are we doing this:

We are a bunch of software engineers (a.k.a hackers) lucky enough to live in this era. The software celebration era. The founders and makers era. The fast lane era. At this point you must have an idea of how passionate we are about this particular industry.

We started working as regular software engineers at different IT service providers and enjoyed working on big clients’ systems. Now we can say with certainty that it wasn’t enough. We made the switch after discovering the startup industry, and since 2009 we’ve been doing just that, exclusively (thx San Francisco).

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